Reopening Signs After COVID-19 Closure
– Protect Customers, Employees and Your Business!

Transparent Desktop Barrier

Reopening Signs After COVID-19 Closure
– Protect Customers, Employees and Your Business!

In the coming weeks and months, businesses will need COVID-19 reopening signs. As provinces slowly begin a phased-in reopening of businesses and stay-at-home orders are relaxed, businesses will need a way to communicate the “new rules” to customers and employees, while demonstrating to compliance inspectors that rules are taken seriously.

In a recent COVID-19 briefing, BC Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, said “We are getting close to that time when we can start to open up”. While the details of reopening are still being developed, it will likely be a slow, phased-in approach and businesses will have to fulfill certain government requirements, such as enforcing social distancing, implementing low-capacity seating and sanitization practices. Customers, too, will have to adhere to new social distancing rules when in public or a place of business.

Reopening signs not only let your customers know you’re back in business, they also clarify the new rules for customers and employees. Sandbox Signs + Graphics has the expertise to create many types of social distancing signs for Vancouver area businesses, including:

  • Banking and finance
  • Restaurants, cafes
  • Retail
  • Personal services (consultants, hair and nail salons, barbers, aestheticians, tattoo artists)
  • Health and fitness clubs
  • Recreational facilities
  • Entertainment venues (movie theatres, playhouses, bars and clubs)
  • Sports venues

Examples of social distancing signs:
Social distancing floor sign Social distancing floor sign
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Reopening and social distancing signs include:

  • Mounted and/or framed posters
  • Sandwich boards
  • Desktop displays
  • Window and door signs
  • Interior and exterior cloth or vinyl banners
  • Free standing floor signs
  • Vinyl window lettering
  • Floor signage (decals)

Signs for Customers

  • New opening hours
  • Number of customers in store at one time
  • Social distancing rules
  • Reminder that masks are recommended (they may become mandatory)
  • Queue signage (interior and exterior)
  • Seating capacity

Protective desk counter shields and guards aka plexiglass sneeze guard

Signs for Employees

Employee behaviour will be a key element in keeping customers safe and will help to ensure your business complies with government physical distancing rules and prevention practices. Businesses will need to comply in order to reopen and remain open. The following list of signs will remind your employees of the rules and will reinforce the importance of adhering to them.

  • Hand hygiene signs
  • Daily and weekly sanitization steps
  • Mask instructions (proper use, disposal)
  • Social distancing signs in offices, common areas, staff lunchrooms

Protective Desk and Counter Shields (Plexiglass Sneeze Guards)


Transparent Desktop Barrier

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If your employees regularly meet with clients in close proximity at cash counters or reception desks, protective desk and counter shields are a must. Plexiglass “sneeze guards”, as they are sometimes called, are placed upon a desk or counter, creating a transparent barrier between an employee and customer.

Desk and counter shields are durable, portable, lightweight and can be custom made to fit most desks and counters.

Signs Keep Businesses Safe…and Open!

All of the signs described above will keep your business safe by helping ensure that you, your customers and employees comply with physical distancing rules and other preventative measures. It’s likely that the government will employ social distancing compliance officers to check that businesses are following rules. Businesses that aren’t in compliance may be forced to close. Having social distancing and COVID-19 reopening signs will make it easier to comply while increasing trust among customers and employees.

Receive a Free Estimate for COVID-19 Reopening Signs

If your Vancouver area business is planning to re-open, contact Sandbox Signs for free re-opening and social distancing signs guidance and price estimates. We have a variety of sign designs at the ready for general social distancing and hand hygiene. We can also create custom signs for any type of business. To receive guidance regarding signs, contact us, or submit a sign estimate form.