Social Distancing Dividers & Signs for Vancouver Offices

Social distancing desk partitions and dividers

Social Distancing Dividers & Signs for Vancouver Offices

Social distancing dividers and signs have become part of the new workplace reality in the midst of COVID-19. It’s likely that social distancing and physical distancing measures for businesses, including barriers and signs, will remain a part of our lives going forward.

Sandbox Signs + Graphics has already helped many Vancouver area offices by creating practical and attractive social distancing barriers and signs. We can create custom dividers and signage suitable for any office.

Workstation Dividers

Open concept office design has been a trend in Vancouver offices for several years. Companies, particularly in the tech sector, find that open-plan offices facilitate teamwork and communication. Whether open offices achieve this is open to debate, but regardless, open-plan office spaces are the exact opposite of what’s needed to keep employees and clients safe from COVID-19 and other viruses.

If your business has an open design, you may be considering bringing back separate offices or cubicles, for both privacy and safety from COVID-19, but these can be a costly option that may not be necessary. If you still want the benefits of an open office plan, plexiglass workstation social distancing dividers can be used to provide a level of safety to employees. Workstation dividers can be made in many different sizes, can easily be moved if workspaces are reconfigured, and are more economical than enclosed offices or cubicles.

Counter Shields

Counter shields, currently used as a social distancing measure in many Vancouver retail and grocery stores, also work well in offices. Plexiglass shields can be mounted on waiting room reception counters, providing a safety barrier between reception staff and customers in the waiting room. Counter shields can be customized to fit the size of the reception counter and the needs of the receptionist. They can include pass-through openings for Interac terminals, documents, etc.

Sneeze Guards

Sneeze guards may be placed on desks, providing a physical barrier when meeting in an office. Like counter shields, sneeze guards can be customized to any dimensions.

Reception Area Social Distancing Signs & Barriers

In offices, the reception area may pose the highest risk of virus transmission. Reception area staff are “trapped” in a part of the office that sees the most points of contact with people. While an office worker may only interact with colleagues, reception area staff must interact with many different visitors daily, while also interacting with office staff. The reception counter shields mentioned above are vital for reception area safety.

Reception area signage is equally important! Social distancing signs can provide guidelines to all who enter the reception area. Reception area signs can include social distancing guidelines, handwashing station instructions, and footprint decals placed 2 metres apart in queues.

Plexiglass social distancing dividers may also be placed between seats in the waiting room, adding another level of protection for visitors and reception area staff.

Please Note:
When configuring your office space for a safe return to work, always follow WorkSafe BC guidelines for COVID-19 Safety Plans. Social distancing barriers and signage are not a replacement for these important recommendations.

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If you have questions about social distancing dividers and signs for your Vancouver area office, contact us for a free consultation or request a quote. We’ll guide you to the solutions that will work best for your office layout and how your staff interacts with customers, and with one another.