Social Distancing Signage Increase Consumer Confidence & Decrease Anxiety

Branded sneeze guard

Social Distancing Signage Increase Consumer Confidence & Decrease Anxiety

Now that instances of COVID-19 are decreasing in BC, social distancing signs and other prevention measures will help businesses safely reopen. Before reopening, BC businesses must implement a COVID-19 Safety Plan (view WorkSafe BC guidelines) to help prevent the spread of the virus. While social distancing signage and safety measures can help reinforce the “new rules”, signs also help to put your customers at ease.  Signage and safety measures will give your customers confidence that your business is taking steps to protect them, reducing anxiety about being in your place of business.

Social Distancing Signage Avoids Confusion

Nearly overnight, the coronavirus pandemic changed how people interact when in public spaces. We’ve all had to educate ourselves about physical distancing, sanitization, hand washing, and spread prevention. This new reality and new rules mean new anxieties for your customers. Inside your store, office or other business, customers need direction and clarity. If they don’t know where to sit, stand, queue or otherwise behave when in your business, they and other customers will be anxious. When your business’s “new rules” are unclear, you are unnecessarily putting the onus on customers to make decisions that you should be making for them.

Social distancing signs answer questions that many of your customers and clients will have:

  • What are your business hours during reopening?
  • How many people are allowed in your business at one time?
  • Do I need to wear a mask?
  • Do I need to sanitize my hands before entering or leaving your business?
  • What is the correct direction to walk through your business or your store and its aisles?
  • How do I maintain physical distance?
  • Where do I stand in line?

Types of Social Distancing Signs & Measures

Rules at Business Entrances

A Covid-19 sign at your business entrance ensures that all who enter know what’s expected of them once inside your business.

Social distancing sign on stand

Rules for business entrance. Click for full size photo.

Reception & Waiting Area Rules

In reception areas, rules around where to sit and how to queue will keep your reception area safe, confusion free, and orderly.

Foot Traffic Directional Signage

In shops and grocery stores, directional signage that guides customers through aisles is a must.

Social distancing floor sign

Physical distancing floor decals. Click for full size image.

Sneeze Guards, Counter & Desk Shields

Counter shields and desk shields, sometimes referred to as “sneeze guards”, are a transparent barrier between employees and customers. Counter and desk shields have a small opening or pass-through for taking payments or passing papers back and forth. Sneeze guards may be branded with your company name and logo.

Branded sneeze guard

Branded sneeze guard or desk/counter shield. Click for full size image.

Hand Sanitizer Stations and Instructions

Whether you have a hand sanitizer station for your employees, customers or both, simple step-by-step hand hygiene instructions will serve as a reminder and help to ingrain the new habit. Hand hygiene signage also makes the hand sanitizer station stand out, so it’s more easily found.

Hand washing station

Hand washing station. Click for full size image.

Ask Sandbox Signs About Social Distancing Signage

If your BC business is reopening and you need social distancing signs, sneeze guards, or a hand sanitizer station, contact Sandbox Signs + Graphics or request a free estimate. We’re helping BC businesses get back to work by creating custom reopening signs that will keep your customers safe and increase their confidence in your business.