Social Distancing Signs & Barriers for Vancouver Dealerships

Hand washing station

Social Distancing Signs & Barriers for Vancouver Dealerships

Social distancing signs and barriers have become a necessary part of everyday life in businesses. While some find them inconvenient — and a constant reminder of the pandemic —  they also have a benefit that Vancouver-area dealerships might not consider: increased consumer trust and confidence in your business.

Dealerships (whether an automobile or recreational vehicle lot) see a relatively high volume of customers, frequently at close quarters. Public health rules and WorkSafe BC COVID-19 Safety Plan aside, physical distancing signs and barriers (counter shields, desk shields, sneeze guards and workstation dividers) make customers and employees feel safe. When you implement COVID-19 safety measures, not only are you helping prevent the spread of the virus, you’re also sending a powerful message. Social distancing signs and barriers say, “We care about our customers and employees”.

Since 1994, Sandbox Signs + Graphics has created countless dealership signs and banners for Vancouver auto and recreational sales lots. In the early days of the pandemic, we quickly saw a need and added a variety of must-have social distancing signs and barriers to our signage products.

The COVID-19 safety signs and barriers we offer include the following:

Dealership Social Distancing Rules Signs

Your dealership’s entrance is the first point of contact a customer will have with your business and the perfect place for social distancing rules signs. Entering a business can invoke a lot of anxiety in customers, particularly if they’ve never been on your dealership and don’t know your business’s social distancing rules. A social distancing sign at the entrance can clearly describe how customers should behave on your sales floor (i.e. where they should stand, where to wash their hands, how many customers are allowed on the floor at one time, are vehicles unlocked and available for them to look and sit in?). That simple communication of “rules” can dramatically decrease the social anxiety customers feel when entering a business. Entrance signs can also display business hours during the pandemic, or other notices related to COVID-19.

2 Metre Rule Signs

Arguably the most important dealership sign during the pandemic, 2 metre rule signs remind customers to keep their distance, whether they are “kicking the tires” on the sales floor or outdoor lot, or standing in line awaiting their turn at the sales or service counter. The sign can be placed on a display stand, foam core mounted or framed for hanging from a ceiling.

Social distancing floor sign

Floor Decals (Footprint Decals)

Footprint decals help manage the flow of foot traffic on the dealership lot or sales floor. They are a quick visual cue that tells customers (and other visitors) which direction to walk. Placed 2 metres apart, they also reinforce physical distancing rules.

Social distancing floor sign

Hand Sanitizing Station Signs

Many dealerships have hand sanitizer placed on a table near the entrance. Hand sanitization stations are simple but effective displays that make the hand sanitizer stand out. They also provide another opportunity to educate by including hand sanitization instructions and social distancing reminders.

Hand washing station

Counter Shields & Desk Shields

Counter and desk shields are vital for dealerships. Placed on sales or service counters or sales office desks, transparent plexiglass counter and desk shields add a safety barrier between employees and customers, protecting them from coughs, sneezes and droplets expelled when speaking.

Transparent Desktop Barrier

Back Office Workstation Dividers

Many dealerships have back offices for administrative staff. If your back office is an open area with workstations, we recommend freestanding plexiglass workstation dividers as an added level of protection. Workstation dividers are modular and can easily be moved when back office configurations change.

Plexi workstation divider

Need Social Distancing Signs & Barriers for Your Vancouver Dealership?

If your Greater Vancouver dealership needs social distancing signs and barriers, contact us for a free consultation or request a signage quote. We create customized dealership signs that suit the needs of your sales floor, lot, and back office.