Must-Have Tourism Signage for BC Hotels and Motels

Tourism signage for hotels and motels

Must-Have Tourism Signage for BC Hotels and Motels

Tourism signage is an important and sometimes overlooked element of marketing a hotel or motel. Each tourist season, many thousands of travellers will see signs advertising your accommodations, attractions or events, and signage is a fraction of the price of other forms of advertising. The humble, economical tourism sign also provides many years of advertising at a one-time cost.

Tourism is as important to small city/town local businesses and economies as it is to larger communities. In BC, about half of tourism businesses, including accommodations, are located outside the Vancouver-Lower Mainland region. View BC Tourism Research. Accommodations and food services accounted for just over 35% of tourism revenue in the province according the Destination BC 2021 Tourism Snapshot (the latest BC tourism data available). If you want a bigger slice of the tourist revenue pie, you should be doing all that you can to make your accommodations business more visible. Signs are a small yet vital part of increasing that visibility.

The following are the main types of tourism signage created by Sandbox Signs + Graphics for BC hotels and motels.

Roadside Hotel and Motel Signage

A roadside sign may be the most impactful tourism sign you can invest in. Guests booked with you can easily find your business, while highway and roadway travellers will also see your signage, which may fill vacant rooms last minute, or prompt them to stay in the future. Roadside signage is usually constructed of metal and glass with lighting for nighttime display. Large, weather-resistant vinyl banners can also be used to catch a traveler’s eye in the daytime hours.

Hotel and Motel Amenities Signage

Amenities signs can differentiate your offerings from those of the competition. An obvious but sometimes neglected part of roadside signage (discussed above) is a list of amenities or features such as free cable or digital TV channels, free wi-fi, swimming pool, free continental breakfast, recreation or fitness centre, restaurant, etc

Tourism-Related Event Signage & Pamphlet Racks

If there are events or attractions of particular interest to your tourist guests, advertise them with signage. An events board with highly visible signage provides tourists with points of interest for their trip itinerary, making their stay more enjoyable. Tourism pamphlet rack signage is also a small but welcome touch.

Wayfinding Signage

Inside or outside your hotel or motel, wayfinding signage helps tourists and guests easily find what they need. Wayfinding signs not only orient guests: they also increase the quality of the customer-service experience.

Tourism Information Signage

While many towns and cities have official tourism information centres, your hotel or motel can act as an unofficial tourist centre. By providing this free service, you increase the visibility of your accommodations. People who come in to ask for directions or who have questions, may not be staying with you now, but they may book with you in the future, notice your restaurant or other amenities, or refer friends and family.

Ask About Tourism Signage for Your BC Hotel or Motel

If you have questions about tourism signs for your BC hotel or motel, contact Sandbox Signs for a free consultation. We can help create a custom signage package that helps your business and more importantly – helps your guests. If you’d like an estimate for tourism signage, please request a quote.