Start Event Season Right with Essential Trade Show Displays and Banners

Retractable free standing trade show signs

Start Event Season Right with Essential Trade Show Displays and Banners

Over the years, Sandbox Signs + Graphics has created countless trade show displays for Vancouver area businesses of all sizes. If your business attends trade shows, events, conferences, or golf tournaments, the beginning of trade show season (early spring) is the perfect time to put together essential trade show banners, displays and signage.

We create custom trade show booth graphics, trade show banners, tabletop displays and other signage that help you get noticed on the trade show floor.

Thinking of attending a trade show(s) this year but don’t know where to find the right one? Check out the world trade shows calendar.

Essential Trade Show Display Signage

The types of event signage that you need depends on many factors: the sophistication of your trade show marketing efforts, the size of the event, and your budget. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all trade show display package, so for ideas, we’ve put together a list of packages that we frequently create for several types of businesses: trade show newbies, occasional attendees, seasoned attendees.

Trade Show Newbies

Trade show banner on stand.
Free stranding banners can be made of vinyl or cloth and can contain graphics, photos and lettering. Banner frames come in a variety of sizes and styles. Frames are collapsible and store in a case for easy transport.

Tabletop display.
Table top displays may be as simple as a small easel holding custom signage, or a small pop-up display.

Occasional Trade Show Attendees

All of the trade show displays above, plus:

Trade show booth and trade show kiosk (counter) graphics.
We design graphics for nearly any size or shape trade show booth or kiosk, including graphics for pop-up booths, modular booths, A-frames and others.

Seasoned Trade Show Attendees

All of the above, plus:

Cloth or vinyl banners.
Custom designed cloth or vinyl banners for flat, circular or triangular banner frames. If you are likely to attend both indoor and outdoor events, we recommend vinyl banners.

View our trade show signs gallery.

Trade Show Display Design Tips

Keep text to the bare minimum required.
Keep text to a minimum. Think of trade show displays as advertisement, not brochures. Many business owners add too much information to trade show signage. People don’t read display text verbatim. They look for headings, call outs, calls-to-action, short bulleted lists, contact information. If you want someone that visits your trade show booth or table to have more information, give them a brochure.

Combine graphics or photos with text.
Trade show booth and banner signage are most effective when they incorporate graphics and photography with text. Eye-catching graphics, colours and photos get noticed on a packed event floor.

Keep important design elements at eye level, slightly above and below.
While it depends on the size of the display, on a typical booth or banner, the most important elements are more effective at eye level because people walking the event floor will see them.

Use high contrast between backgrounds and text.
Good contrast between the background and headings and other text makes your marketing message “pop” and makes reading easier.

Need Trade Show Displays in Vancouver? Receive a Free Consultation

If you’re looking for trade show banners, displays or booth graphics in Vancouver or other parts of the Lower Mainland, receive a free signage consultation and estimate here. During your consultation, we’ll discuss options and help you choose the right trade show display package for your business.