Tradeshow Signage Packages for Smart Marketers

Tradeshow Signage Packages

Tradeshow Signage Packages for Smart Marketers

Tradeshow signage is a must-have for many businesses, although it’s surprising how many marketers miss the obvious when putting together a tradeshow display and sign package. It may be that because marketing teams are sometimes so focused on the details, they “can’t see the forest for the trees” as the saying goes.

Sandbox Signs + Graphics has created effective tradeshow signage for Vancouver-area businesses since 1994. In our experience, a well-rounded tradeshow marketing package includes the following types of signs and displays.

Large Tradeshow Signage & Displays Visible from a Distance

The following signage helps you be seen from a distance on the tradeshow floor.

Tradeshow Booth Signage

Whether your tradeshow booth is a pop-up booth, panel booth, or massive “truss” display with lighting, it will need visually appealing, well designed graphics. Booth signage often combines large, vibrant graphics, company branding, large-scale fonts, bullet points and contact information. Keep paragraphs, bullet points and contact information to a minimum. At best, people will only read them once they are at or very close to your booth. The most important marketing elements (branding, service, product, and/or value proposition) should be displayed in the largest heading fonts. If tradeshow booth graphics are a clutter of information with no white space, they’ll confuse rather than entice.

Freestanding tradeshow sign for Vancouver business

Tradeshow booth display banner.

Hanging Signs & Banners

Hanging signs or “tradeshow banners” add another layer of visibility. Find out if the event allows you to hang banners and ask how many hanging banners you may have. Two hanging banners facing in opposite directions or a double-sided banner with different messaging on each side will ensure your booth or table gets noticed by visitors on both sides of the tradeshow floor.

Freestanding tradeshow banner

Freestanding tradeshow banner

Medium-Size Tradeshow Displays and Signage Near the Tradeshow Booth or Table

The following tradeshow displays will be visible as people walk closer to your section of the tradeshow floor.

Freestanding Retractable Tradeshow Banners

Freestanding retractable tradeshow banners come in a variety of sizes. Retractable banners usually have fold-out or telescopic tripod legs and a telescopic easel pole. Retractable banners can have a little more information than tradeshow booth signage because people can stop and read them, but again, less is more. Vibrant graphics, large headings for your main messaging, a few bullet points, company branding, and contact information in smaller text is usually all that’s required.

Tabletop Displays

As the name suggests, tabletop displays are smaller, often freestanding displays. The simplest tabletop displays are small posters mounted on foam core placed upon a small easel. Event attendees often use several tabletop displays, one for each product or service, with detailed brochures placed in front of each.

Don’t Forget These Easily Overlooked Tradeshow Marketing Materials

Other marketing materials that are sometimes overlooked, but necessary are: business cards for each attendee, brochures for each product and/or service, graphics for looped slides played on a laptop, and PowerPoint slide decks with well-designed graphics.

Receive a Free Quote for Tradeshow Signage Packages

Sandbox Signs has created tradeshow displays and signs for many types of businesses in Vancouver and BC. If you’d like to put together a tradeshow signage package that is portable, affordable, and beautifully designed, please contact us. We’ll answer your questions and make helpful recommendations.