Car Signage: Economical Advertising for Your Vancouver Area Business

Car Signage: Economical Advertising for Your Vancouver Area Business

Car signage, or vehicle signs, to use two common names for these types of signs, are the most cost-effective way of marketing a business’s brand and services. Signs for your company car, van, or truck, turn that vehicle into a mobile billboard that’s seen everywhere you and your employees drive or park. Your potential customers are in traffic, too, so why not get their attention and have the vehicle perform double duty: transportation and marketing.

Since 1994, Sandbox Signs + Graphics has created countless eye-catching, effective signage for cars, vans, trucks for Vancouver area and BC businesses.

Vehicle Signs are Less Costly than Most Forms of Advertising

If you compare the price of vehicle signs with advertising costs for print, radio, television, or pay per click ads, you’ll quickly see their high value. Print ads can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars per ad depending on the publication’s reach and popularity. Pay per click advertising can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars per month. Radio and television ads cost thousands to produce. The downside of these other forms of advertising is that they are only effective while you pay to run the ads. With truck, van, or car signage, your “ad” is always “on”.

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Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are thin, durable, graphic film upon which graphics are printed. Wraps really get noticed because of their scale, vibrant colours, photographic or graphical backgrounds.

Full Wraps
As the name suggests, a full vehicle wraps covers the entire vehicle.

Partial Wraps
Partial wraps are often used on just the sides or back of a vehicle.

Vehicle Decals

Decals don’t get the praise they deserve. They are affordable and can be used in many ways offering flexibility and versatility. Vehicle decals can be cut to any shape. Decals are often used for the company logo and design elements in combination with vinyl lettering for contact information and service details.

Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl lettering is simple, yet still effective. If you prefer the simplicity and relative low cost of lettering-only car signage, then vinyl lettering is for you. Vinyl lettering on doors, a car hatchback, truck tailgate, or van back door, are often used by freelance trades who don’t want spend much on vehicle signs, yet understand the importance of advertising their business’s services and contact information.

Magnetic Vinyl Vehicle Signs

If you’d prefer a removable vehicle sign, then you’ll love magnetic vinyl signs. A magnetic vinyl sign is a weather-resistant vinyl surface upon which graphics are printed. The vinyl has a magnetic backing that affixes the sign to the vehicle. They are most often used for vehicle doors and backs. Magnetic signs are easily repositioned, too. They are favoured by smaller businesses or freelance trades that have a vehicle that is used for both work and personal use.

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Questions About Truck, Van, or Car Signage?

Whether you have one vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, there are many choices when considering which vehicle signage is best for you. If you have questions about sign materials, graphics, branding, design, size, and price, contact Sandbox Signs + Graphics.