Must-Have Transportation Signs for Fleet Vehicles

Vehicle graphics and lettering for cube van

Must-Have Transportation Signs for Fleet Vehicles

If your Vancouver area business has fleet vehicles, there are several types of transportation signs that you may want to consider: vehicle graphics (decals), magnetic signs, vinyl-cut lettering and vehicle wraps. If you’re wondering how to choose the most appropriate kind of vehicle sign, see “What Type of Fleet Vehicle Signs Do I Need?” below. First, the following provides a brief overview of the types of signs available.

Types of Transportation Signs

Sandbox Signs creates four main types of vehicle/transportation signs, including:

Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics are usually synonymous with “vehicle decals”. A vehicle decal is usually made of vinyl and can contain virtually any graphics. Vehicle graphics/decals can be of static-cling material or adhesive-backed. Decal adhesive is usually easily removed.

Magnetic Signs

Magnetic signs are impermanent and versatile. The magnetized vinyl polymer signs are durable, waterproof, and can be printed using full colour. Because the are affordable, when you need to change the sign design, cost isn’t much of a consideration compared to other forms of more permanent transportation signs.

Vinyl-Cut Lettering

Vinyl-cut lettering is the simplest and most affordable type of vehicle sign available. If you need simplicity and value, they’re a great choice. Vinyl-cut lettering is adhesive backed for easy application. Decals are the adhesive residue are easily removed.

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are graphics and lettering printed on a special type of vinyl. Vehicle wraps are either “full” (wrapping the entire vehicle), or “partial” (covering only part of the vehicle). Vehicle wraps are quite durable and long lasting. They can be printed in full colour with virtually any type of graphics and photography. If your vehicles spend a lot of time driving Vancouver area streets and you want the benefit of a visually impactful “rolling billboard”, wraps may be the most appropriate fleet vehicle signs for your business!

What Type of Fleet Vehicle Signs Do I Need?

There are several considerations that can help you narrow the choices down to the most appropriate vehicle signs for your fleet.

How many vehicles are in your fleet?

If you run a small to medium size business and have a large fleet of vehicles (10-20), you might want to choose more economical transportation signs, such as decals and magnetic signage.

Are your fleet vehicles used in industry or construction trades?

If your fleet vehicles are often in rough environments or carry tools and heavy equipment, the signage should be as tough as the job. Vinyl-cut lettering and magnetic signage is probably a much better bet than vehicle wraps!

Are you looking for transportation signs on a budget?

Even the simplest fleet vehicle sign is better than no sign at all! If you want to advertise your company name, services, URL, and phone number, there are economical choices if you’re on a budget. Vinyl-cut lettering and decals can get the job done without breaking the bank.

Do you prefer easily changed signage?

If you need transportation signs that are easily changed, magnetic signs and static-cling vinyl signs are the best choice.

Are your vehicles on the road a lot and do you want to increase brand awareness?

If you’re fleet vehicles are on the road a lot and you want to increase brand awareness, consider vehicle wraps. Full or partial vehicle wraps are visually compelling. They’re impact can be like that of a billboard, except you billboard is mobile so it can be seen in many locations. You won’t have to pay a fortune every month to have it seen in only one location. People remember vehicle wraps if they are bold and visually appealing. Vehicles wraps can combine background graphics and motifs and, of course, company information (e.g. phone, URL, services, address). Remember though, as with many types of signs, often less is more.

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