Transportation Signs for Vancouver Fleet Vehicles

SUV vehicle wrap and graphics for Vancouver radio station JR FM

Transportation Signs for Vancouver Fleet Vehicles

Transportation signs include a wide array of signage for company vehicles and transport businesses. In this post, we’ll discuss the types of signage that are important to Vancouver and Lower Mainland companies with fleet vehicles. Since 1994, Sandbox Signs + Graphics has created countless fleet vehicle signs and signs for the transportation industry.

Vehicle Signs are an Important Part of Marketing

Vehicle signs are a basic need for many Vancouver and BC companies, though they are of particular importance to companies that operate a fleet of vehicles. They do much more than provide a website address and phone number. Vehicle signs give your business and brand high visibility at a fraction of the cost of many marketing initiatives. For fleet vehicles, signage is like a rolling billboard, advertising your business on an ongoing basis, wherever your company vehicles drive (or park).

Fleet Transportation Sign Basics

While there are no cut and dried “rules”, the following guidelines for fleet vehicle signs go a long way to maximizing their effectiveness.

Consistent design
Fleet vehicle signs (and vehicle wraps) should use a design and messaging that is consistent across the fleet. Design consistency increases brand recognition. If, on the other hand, each of your fleet vehicles uses different design elements (images, colours, font choices, messaging) the lack of inconsistency may decrease brand recognition.

Stick to basics that meet viewer expectations
There is certain information that is expected by anyone viewing your fleet vehicles, these include: your company name, company logo, phone number, website address; and depending on your business, a brief list of services (or products) offered.

Avoid clutter and use a visual hierarchy
When a novice designs vehicle signs, the tendency is to think that every element of the sign is equally important, but, as any experienced designer will tell you, too much emphasis really means nothing is emphasized! Think about what’s important hierarchically and give emphasis to those elements higher up in the hierarchy. Typical vehicle signage hierarchy is company name/logo, service(s) provided, phone number, website address. Those that are closer to the front of the list, should have more emphasis than those nearer the end of the list.


Be bold, be original
The next time you drive down the street, notice which vehicle signs stand out. We’ll guess that it won’t be a work van with nothing but stick-on vinyl signage for company name, services and contact information. You’ll probably notice a vehicle sign that includes vivid graphics or photos, a beautifully designed logo, and a striking use of fonts.

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are usually the most visually impactful type of vehicle sign. While not appropriate for all types of businesses, fleet vehicles can (and do) use them. Vehicle wraps are type of stick down vinyl with the design printed on them. There are two main types of vehicle signs: full wrap and partial wrap. Vehicle wraps usually use vivid, eye-catching design and graphics. Frequently, vehicle wraps employ larger graphics or high-resolution photos that act as a background upon which the company logo, tagline, services and contact info are placed. Designs may also be used in a “standalone” fashion to attract attention from drivers in traffic and pedestrians.

Cube van vehicle graphics

A vehicle wrap for Modo car sharing company. In this case, Modo wanted to “advertise” to its history of supporting the arts. Each vehicle in the campaign uses a different artwork by a renowned local artist.


Vehicle graphics for Vancouver company Genesis Security

This vehicle signage, created for Genesis Security fleet of patrol vehicles, illustrates a more common use of logo, graphics, and fonts.


Signage for Metro BC Heating fleet vehicles

A good example of effective fleet vehicle sign design. The company name, logo, and phone number have the most emphasis. The list of services is brief. Note that the back door also has the company name and phone number in easy-to-read font sizes.

Are Vehicle Wraps Effective?

Yes! Vehicle wraps are highly effective advertising that deliver far more bang for the buck than other forms of advertising. Your fleet vehicles will be seen by hundreds or thousands of motorists and pedestrians each day. Read “Considering Vehicle Wraps? These Stats Will Drive Your Decision” for eye-opening statistics about vehicle wraps.

Request a Consultation for Transportation Signs

If you need transportation signs for your Vancouver area business, contact Sandbox Signs + Graphics. We’ll discuss what you’re trying to achieve and will make recommendations that suit your needs and budget! If you already know what you need, you can request a quote for our sign design services