Why Vehicle Signage for Construction Companies & Contractors is Effective

Vehicle graphics incorporating logo for Vancouver company Platinum Pacific Restorations

Why Vehicle Signage for Construction Companies & Contractors is Effective

Vehicle signage doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to attract customers. Vehicle decals and graphics are versatile and probably the most cost-effective form of marketing for construction companies and contractors.

Sandbox Signs + Graphics has provided effective and affordable vehicle signage to Lower Mainland and BC construction companies and contractors since 1994. We pride ourselves on designing highly visible, impactful truck, van, trailer and construction site signage that gets noticed.

How Effective is Construction Vehicle Signage?

Whether a construction company truck or contractor’s truck is parked on the street or in traffic, the vehicle’s signage and decals are at work – increasing brand visibility and advertising your services virtually free of charge. If you compare construction truck signs and truck decals with other forms of advertising, you’ll quickly see their value. TV and radio ads are usually too expensive for many local construction companies or contractors, billboards and other street-facing signage are also costly, print advertising has a diminishing reach, and all of the aforementioned are effective only for as long as you pay for the advertising. On the other hand, you purchase truck signs or decals once and they advertise your company for many years.

3 Must-Have Construction and Contractor Signs

The following vehicle signage gives Vancouver area construction companies and contractors the most value.

Construction truck signs

Think of a construction truck or van as a rolling billboard. Because most construction trucks or vans often spend time in traffic, or parked in high-traffic areas, truck signs should be considered before other forms of signage. Vinyl signage and decals are easily attached to driver-side and passenger-side doors, truck tailgates and van rear doors.

Construction or contractor trailer signs

Many construction company and contractor trucks haul trailers that carry equipment. The sides of trailers are like blank canvases and are wasted space if they’re left bare. Construction and contractor trailer signs can be big, bold and vivid. Your company logo, a bulleted list of services, and contact information can be printed on vinyl graphics on all sides and doors of the trailer.

Construction site signs and contractor lawn signs

Because many construction sites are located on busy streets, constructions site signs get noticed, and for the duration of the construction project, which often tends to be quite long. Trades contractors can also take advantage of project site signs. Consider a home renovation contractor who parks their vehicle in front of a home for several weeks or even months. If you place contractor lawn signs in the front yard of a home, every person who drives or walks by sees the sign. Others in the neighbourhood that need renovations are more likely to contact you because they can 1) see the quality of the work you do, and 2) immediately know your company name and contact information.

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