Vehicle Decals – Affordable Mobile Advertising for Any Vancouver Business

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Vehicle Decals – Affordable Mobile Advertising for Any Vancouver Business

Vehicle decals are an affordable mobile advertising option that are often overlooked by Vancouver area businesses. Decals don’t get the respect they deserve, possibly because they are misunderstood. When some people read “vehicle decals” on a sign company website, their minds may go to bumper stickers or funny slogans some people like to plaster on their rear window. Car, truck and van decals can me made in many sizes, can contain graphics, photos, and lettering, and are most-often used to advertise a company’s services and provide highly-visible contact information.

What are Vehicle Decals?

Vehicle decals are graphics, usually printed on a waterproof vinyl substrate. They are attached to a car, van, pickup truck (or other vehicle) in one of three ways: adhesive or magnets on one side of the vinyl, or by static cling. All decals are removable, though with adhesive-backed decals, the longer they have been attached the vehicle, the more difficult they are to remove. However, with a little care, even adhesive-backed decals that have been on a vehicle for many years can be removed with a hair dryer (to soften the adhesive) and some elbow grease.

What Types of Businesses Use Vehicle Decals for Mobile Advertising?

Any business that uses a vehicle as part of its daily routine, can benefit from vehicle signs that advertise the company name and logo, services provided, and contact information.

Businesses that commonly use decals for mobile advertising include:

  • Construction companies
  • Trades (e.g., carpenters, painters, drywallers, plumbers, electricians, landscapers)
  • Real estate agents

However, Sandbox Signs + Graphics has made vehicle decals for many types of Vancouver businesses, including:

  • Caterers
  • Delivery services
  • Home nursing companies
  • Cleaning services
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • TV and appliance repair technicians
  • Interior designers and decorators
  • Business and personal services

Should I Use Decals for My Vancouver Business Vehicles?

If you or your employees frequently drive business vehicles to and from work sites or clients, you’ll benefit from the free, ongoing, mobile advertising vehicle signs provide. The more your vehicles are driven or parked on busy city streets, the larger the potential audience. After an affordable initial cost to design and apply the decals, they will immediately begin benefiting your business by increasing brand recognition of your product and/or service offerings.

What Information Should Vehicle Decals Contain?

With any vehicle sign, less is more. Other drivers and pedestrians won’t have to time to read vehicle decals that contain too much information. Essential information, such as your company logo and name, main service offerings and contact information are ideal, and are easily read in seconds.

Where on My Vehicle Should I Place Decals?

Mobile advertising signs are usually placed on:

  • Driver and passenger side doors of cars, trucks and vans
  • Car hatchback and liftback windows
  • Rear van doors and side doors
  • Truck tailgates

Questions About Vehicle Decals or Mobile Advertising Signage?

If your business is considering vehicle decals or other forms of mobile advertising signage such as vehicle wraps, please contact us, or request a quote. Sandbox Signs + Graphics has provided Vancouver area businesses with affordable vehicle signage solutions since 1994.