Are Vehicle Wraps Worth It?

Vehicle wraps are worth it

Are Vehicle Wraps Worth It?

We’ve all seen vehicle wraps in Vancouver and other BC cities, and we remember them, which is the point of this article. While many business owners consider them – particularly when they see a vehicle wrap on a competitor’s vehicle! – they still remain hesitant. The question is why, when so much evidence supporting their value exists?

It could be that some Vancouver business owners have misconceptions about the cost to have a Vancouver vehicle wrap company provide this service. Like anything, vehicle wrap cost depends on what you do, so there is a wide range of pricing. Even small businesses with modest advertising budgets will find a suitable option.

Some businesses may sit on the fence because they understand, and are therefore more comfortable with, “traditional” forms of advertising such as radio, print, and now the Web. Relatively speaking, vehicle wraps are the new kid on the advertising block, though they’ve been around in some form since the early 90s.

Top 5 Reasons Vehicle Wraps Are Worth It

1. Vehicle wraps are very affordable compared to other ads

For print advertising, you pay for the size and placement of the ad and it appears in a print issue once, and once only, then quickly becomes stale. On TV (which most businesses can’t afford) production costs are high as are ongoing air-time costs. On the Web, you pay per impression or per click for ads, both of which can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars per month. The common thread throughout of all of these traditional forms of advertising is that to keep your ad in the public eye, you must pay, over and over again. With vehicle wraps, you pay for the wrap once and you have an effective form of advertising for years to come. As the vehicle advertising cost comparison below shows, no other form of advertising can compete with the low-cost per impression of vehicle ads.

Comparing CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) for Different Forms of Advertising

Magazine advertising: $21.46
Newspaper: $19.70
Radio: $7.75
Vehicle advertising : $0.48

Source:  3M Commercial Graphics Mobile Media Advertising PDF.

2. You are driving anyway

If you are a realtor or contractor, or own a cab company, delivery company, or pizza delivery, you are driving a lot anyway. You are in traffic and have a captive audience. Without a vehicle wrap you are just another driver in another car. With a car wrap, your advertising stands out and is seen by everyone around you.

3. Wraps can get 1000-100,000 impressions per day

Depending on whether you drive heavily-trafficked city streets or busy highways, your vehicle wrap could be seen 1000-100,000 times per day. In the Traffic Audit Bureau’s analysis of vehicle wrap effectiveness, it was estimated that monthly impressions (people noticing the ad) on local routes was between 1 and 4 million. Even at just 1000 impression per day, you are well ahead of what you’d pay for those impressions in traditional forms of advertising.

4. Vehicle wrap stats back up the hype

A 3M and American Trucking Association study indicated that 91% of vehicle advertising’s target demographic noticed vehicle ads. Product Acceptance and Research study indicated that 80% of study respondents recall a specific vehicle advertisement. The 2011 3M Mobile Media Advertising Case Study (cited above) reported that 97% of study participants recalled an ad; 98% thought the ad created a positive image of the advertiser; and, 96% thought fleet vehicle advertising had greater impact than billboards.

5. You’ll have a competitive advantage

Because so many companies don’t “get” vehicle advertising and are hesitant to invest, a vehicle wrap for your Vancouver company will give you an advantage over competitors who’ve yet to embrace this potent form of marketing.

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