Wall Murals and Wall Decals for Vancouver Professional Service Businesses

Wall mural and graphics for Vancouver office reception area

Wall Murals and Wall Decals for Vancouver Professional Service Businesses

Most people don’t associate wall murals with Vancouver professional services companies. Murals conjure up images of the Sistine Chapel, large-scale paintings on the sides of buildings, or scenes of quaint villages painted on the plaster walls of old-world restaurants. While those are good examples, murals have a much broader range of applications.

Professional services businesses use wall murals (and wall decals) to advertise their brand and services, reinforce messaging and culture, and as part of the interior design of their place of business. The mural’s close cousin, the wall decal, may be used in much the same way.

What Kind of Professional Services Businesses Use Wall Murals?

Any professional services business with offices (or a building) may use wall murals, including:

  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Financial advisors
  • Actuaries
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Management consultants
  • Large presence web companies
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Other consulting firms

What is a Wall Mural?

Prior to digitized artwork and large-scale printers, wall murals were large pictures painted directly onto a wall. Today, murals are usually oversized photos or digitized artwork affixed to a wall. Murals can often cover an entire wall from floor to ceiling.

What is a Wall Decal?

Wall murals are sometimes created entirely with wall decals or may incorporate decals. Simply put, a wall decal is an adhesive-backed graphic or lettering. Individual decals don’t usually cover an entire wall like a mural does, but many decals arranged on a wall may be used to create a mural effect.

Sandbox Signs + Graphics has created wall murals and decals for Vancouver and BC businesses since 1994.

Inspirational wall mural

A wall mural in a Vancouver office created with oversized wall decal lettering. The inspirational quotations reinforce company culture and remind employees (and customers) of the company’s vision.

Wall decals for Vancouver company history mural

A wall mural in the Vancouver offices of KPMG, an international audit, tax, and advisory services firm. This mural combines photography, digitized design, and graphical text to depict the company’s history and milestone years.

Wall mural incorporating map of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland of BC

A wall mural makes use of a Vancouver harbour map complete with map key insets.

Uses of Wall Murals

Murals are often used by professional services companies for the following:

  • Brand messaging
  • Company vision
  • Company history
  • Service advertising
  • Interior decorating

Where Can I Use Wall Murals and Decals?

Wall murals and wall decals are usually used in office interiors, such as:

    • Reception areas and waiting rooms
    • Individual offices
    • Open-plan workspaces
    • Meeting rooms
    • Throughout offices as part of the interior design
    • Hallway walls (when a company leases the entire floor of a building)
    • Building entrances and foyers (when a company owns the building)

Murals and decals are also used on exterior building walls or windows when a company owns the building or has been allowed to do so by the owner.

Wall Murals for Your Home Office

If you run your business from an office in your home, wall murals can add some distinctive style. A mural could be virtually anything that inspires you: a favourite work of art, quotations from great thinkers, an ultra high resolution photo of a beach in the Bahamas, a favourite photo of your family in nature, and more. Anything goes!

Inquire About Wall Murals & Decals for Your Vancouver Office

If you have questions about wall murals or wall decals for your BC professional services company, please contact us. We’ll discuss options and can work with your design team or create a design for you. If you’re wondering about pricing, request a quote for design and printing.