Wall Murals for Vancouver Office Interiors

Wall murals for Vancouver offices

Wall Murals for Vancouver Office Interiors

When you think of wall murals, your mind may conjure up faded fresco paintings adorning the walls of 70s Italian restaurants, or massive murals painted on the sides of buildings in a number of BC towns. While there are hand-painted murals, in office interior design, wall murals are a graphic instead of paint, and instead of being painted directly on the wall, the graphic design is printed on thin pressure-activated adhesive-backed film.

Since 1994, Sandbox Signs + Graphics has created many wall murals for offices, restaurants, malls, sales centres, and other businesses. We’re located near the border of Vancouver and Burnaby and serve clients in both locations in addition to customers throughout the Lower Mainland and other BC communities.

The Benefits of Office Wall Murals

There are many benefits to murals:

Less costly and time consuming than hand-painted murals
Hand painted murals can cost thousands of dollars and can take weeks or months to complete. Wall murals are a fraction of that cost and design-to-installation time is quick. High-resolution graphics can provide photo-realistic visuals or abstract designs – it’s all up to you.

No messes or workers in your office
A hand-painted office wall mural means having an artist and their paints, solvents, ladders, gear, and disruption for days or weeks on end. With digitally printed murals, disruption is nearly non-existent. Installation day is the only time we come to your office and the process typically takes just a few hours, depending on the number of murals and/or their sizes.

Can fit any size wall
There is no size limit to digitally produced wall murals. Sections of oversized graphics can be printed on graphics film and aligned during installation to create the entire mural.

Because the graphics film has a pressure-activated adhesive backing, murals are easily removed or repositioned without damaging the wall.

Who Uses Office Wall Murals?

Wall murals are used by:

  • Small business offices
  • Corporate offices
  • Non-profits
  • Real estate sales centres
  • Home offices of remote workers and freelancers


There are three main material requirements for office wall murals:

  • A clean, smooth, flat wall surface
  • A digital graphic design file
  • Printable vinyl graphic film with pressure-activated adhesive
  • An oversized printer

Don’t Forget Your Home Office!

Yes, home office wall murals are a “thing”. Since the pandemic, more people than ever are working from home. According to Statistics Canada, in 2016 and 2018, employees worked no more than 5% of total work hours from home. In January 2021, 32% of Canadians aged 15 to 69 worked most of their hours from home and this will likely continue for some time. In a survey conducted by the Business Development Bank of Canada, 74% of employers said they will let employees work from home post-pandemic.

Whether you are a remote worker, freelance consultant, or run any type of home-based business, wall murals can add an attractive large-scale interior design feature to an otherwise uninspiring home office.

Considering Wall Murals for a Vancouver Business Office or Home Office?

If you’re considering wall murals for your Vancouver or Burnaby office, contact us or receive a free estimate for design and installation. Sandbox Signs + Graphics can lead the design, or work with your in-house design team.