Wall Murals for Your Vancouver Restaurant or Cafe Summer Patio Area

Outdoor patio murals for a Vancouver restaurant

Wall Murals for Your Vancouver Restaurant or Cafe Summer Patio Area

You may not have considered a wall mural for your Vancouver restaurant or café outdoor patio area. With Vancouver’s Summer Patio Program now a permanent feature of the city’s culinary and beer-inary landscape, maybe its time provide your guests a something other than vehicle traffic upon which to feast their eyes.

Whether your have a covered or uncovered outdoor summer patio, Sandbox Signs + Graphics can work with you, creating visually compelling murals that transform your patio space, while boosting the visibility of your brand.

It’s Time to Re-Envision the Restaurant Wall Mural

When many people think of wall murals, they picture old restaurants with quaint vignettes of villages painted upon white plaster walls, or huge outdoor murals painted by artists on the exterior walls of buildings. Yes, those are wall murals, but they don’t have to be hand painted to look great and have curbside impact. Besides, having an artist create an original mural for your Vancouver restaurant or café patio area would be costly and time-consuming (they can take months to design and then complete), and summer is just around the corner!

Sandbox Signs creates wall murals that can incorporate art, graphic design, photos, text, or a combination. They may not be paintings (though we can achieve a “painterly” look), but they can be beautiful, vibrant, colourful, or subdued, subtle and calming.

To create a wall mural, we print the graphics on durable, yet thin, adhesive-backed or static cling vinyl film or scrim vinyl. Thin vinyl film is an excellent choice for covered café and restaurant patio areas that have an adjacent covered exterior wall. Scrim vinyl is the best choice for outdoor murals (e.g., sidewalk and curbside patios). The mural can be framed and stored indoors and easily carried to the patio area. A mural can be attached to one side of the outdoor patio railing structure, or you could go all out and have murals attached to each side of the rail structure, imparting a more finished, enclosed, and aesthetically pleasing look. Patios were and still are a business saver for eateries, but the typical rough structures many restaurants have built does not always do justice to the brand, or match interior space of the business.

Benefits of Murals for Your Restaurant Summer Patio

Here are some sound business reasons to “muralize” your summer patio.

  • A patio mural will differentiate your business from the thousands of other restaurants and cafes in Vancouver’s competitive food service market.
  • You can create an inviting ambiance and vibe with any theme or vibe you like, that takes customers away from the hustle and bustle of the busy streets that surround them
  • Wall murals attached to patio structures can provide a little protection from traffic noise and dust, and some privacy from passers-by.
  • Your patio will become a beacon on the street, attracting new customers and boosting revenue from summer through fall

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