Wall Murals Make Vancouver Restaurants Memorable

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Wall Murals Make Vancouver Restaurants Memorable

If you own a restaurant in Vancouver, wall murals are a design element that you may want to consider. Wall murals create ambience inside restaurants, cafés, bakeries and other establishments where food and beverages are sold. They can be subtle, photographic and realistic, or abstract. Wall murals can be designed to suit your restaurant’s interior design style and palette. What’s more, wall murals can serve more than one function. Murals can be decorative, functional, or both, also serving menu boards or information/directional signage.

Since 1994, Sandbox Signs + Graphics has created attractive, distinctive and memorable wall murals for Vancouver restaurants and other food and beverage businesses.

Vancouver Restaurant Murals “Back in the Day”

Murals aren’t new. Simply put, a mural is a painting (or drawing) executed directly upon a wall. People have been painting on walls since there have been people and walls! The oldest wall murals were painted circa 30,000 B.C in the Paleolithic era. The famous Lascaux cave paintings in Montignac, France – depicting bison, deer, horses and human forms –  were painted around 17,000 B.C.

While wall murals aren’t new, the technology used to create them has changed. Back in the old days, before large-scale digital printing, if you wanted a wall mural for your Vancouver restaurant, you hired an artist to design and paint it. If you have ever dined at an old restaurant, you may have seen one of these traditional murals painted on plaster or brick. A few still exist. they aren’t for most Vancouver restaurants. They’re also very expensive to have painted today and tend to be rather permanent!

Regardless of how you feel about old painted murals, they created an environment with atmosphere, personality and rustic charm, which could be remembered years later.,. Our taste in wall murals may have changed, but they still create mood and memories.

Vancouver Restaurant Murals Now

Nowadays, restaurant murals are only limited by one’s imagination. Wall murals may contain:

  • Faux painting
  • Full-colour photography
  • Full-colour graphics
  • Textual elements
  • Texture and faux finishes

Murals can be made very large, thanks to oversized digital printing, and they are easy to install or remove. Because they are economical, you can quickly and easily change a mural if you want to freshen up your restaurant interior.

Who Uses Wall Murals?

Wall murals are used by a variety of food and beverage services. They’re most often used on restaurant interior walls and windows but can also be applied to exterior walls and windows.

    • Fine dining restaurants
    • Family restaurants
    • Pizzerias
    • Cafés
    • Food courts
    • Fast food chains
    • Nightclubs
    • Pubs
    • Hotel lounges
Wall mural for Vancouver restaurant

Wall mural for an Asian restaurant in Vancouver. Wall murals can be applied directly to walls or modular panels.

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Need a Wall Mural for Your Vancouver Restaurant?

If you’re considering a wall mural for your Vancouver restaurant or other food and beverage service business, receive a free estimate from Sandbox Signs. We’ll work with you to design wall murals that fit your restaurant’s interior decor and style, creating ambience that your customers will remember.