Wall Murals & Signage for Vancouver Real Estate Sales Centres

Vancouver Real Estate Pre Sales Signage

Wall Murals & Signage for Vancouver Real Estate Sales Centres

Vancouver real estate signage isn’t limited to “For Sale” signs. Long before a property development is completed, pre-sales marketing efforts focus on showcasing real estate that only exists in two-dimensional representations or small models. Convincing a potential buyer to make a considerable investment without showing them the actual property requires the right sales tools.Would you buy a car by looking at picture or graphic? Probably not, but property buyers do it every day. It’s real estate signage and wall murals that Vancouver sales agents depend on as key items in their bag of tricks.

Aside from selling the neighbourhood and its amenities, sales agents rely on vibrant, exciting property renderings and sales centre signage to entice buyers.

Since 1994, Sandbox Signs + Graphics has created visually stunning real estate signage and wall murals for Vancouver property sales centres. We know what sales centres need, working with graphic designers and sales centre managers to create complete sign packages for sales centre building interiors and exteriors.

Indoor and Outdoor Real Estate Signs for Vancouver Sales Centres

Sales centres require both indoor and outdoor signs. Outdoors signs are a marketing tool used to attract people driving or walking by the sales centre. Indoor signs are a sales tool that stokes a buyer’s imagination.

Vancouver real estate 3D signs

Vancouver real estate centre wall signage featuring property renderings and floor plans.

Sales centres need the following real estate signs:

Outdoor Signs

Exterior building signage
Exterior real estate signage often includes the property name or logo, developer name and logo, and opening date.

Door and window signs
Adhesive-backed vinyl door signs for sales centre hours, phone number and email address.

Sandwich boards
Sandwich boards entice passers-by and let them know the centre is open.

Outdoor wall murals
Outdoor building or wall murals are often used to showcase architectural renderings of property exteriors and interiors. Frequently, outdoor murals are large-scale and cover the entire side of a sales centre building or billboard atop the sales centre.

Outdoor banners
Large-scale, street-facing banners are one of the most economical and effective forms of Vancouver real estate sales centre signage.

Indoor Signs

Real estate sales centres are visual environments. Once a potential buyer is in the centre, the indoor signs create an atmosphere that helps people imagine themselves living and/or working in the property and its neighbourhood.

3-dimensional environment signs
3D wall signs are often set out a few inches from the vertical plane of the wall and lit from above. This “shadowbox” effect is dramatic and enticing.

Wall signs
Wall signs may list property features and are often combined with inset renderings of the property.

Freestanding banners
Banners can be nearly any size and their main benefit is portability. Banners can contain images, graphics and text.

Indoor wall murals and map signs
Wall murals are impactful because of their scale. They envelop a potential investor’s senses and are the closest thing sales centres have to a full-scale virtual environment. Managers of Vancouver real estate centres love wall murals because they create atmosphere and can employ multiple design elements.

Neighbourhood and property map signs
Really a type of wall mural, map signs may be used to orient potential buyers to the building’s location in the neighbourhood. Map signs may indicate not only the property being sold, but neighbourhood shops, restaurants, parks, and schools. They often combine large-scale traditional maps with insets floor plans, photographs and graphical renderings. A map key that lists the locations of main points of interest is usually a feature of map wall murals.

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