Wall Murals for Your Vancouver Mall Store

A wall mural in a Vancouver mall

Wall Murals for Your Vancouver Mall Store

Over the years, Sandbox Signs + Graphics has created many custom wall murals in Vancouver malls. Wall murals are an effective form of advertising for mall stores and for marketing of the mall itself. Their scale impresses and they’re noticed in a busy mall environment where countless shops compete for consumers’ attention.

For mall-wide marketing, wall murals make sense. All Vancouver malls have wall space in corridors. These walls provide the mall or property management company the perfect opportunity to advertise to throngs of shoppers.

For mall store marketing, exterior and interior wall murals get the attention of shoppers passing by the store and are effective in the store for sale advertising sales as well as marking sections of the store (e.g. men’s clothing, woman’s clothing, outerwear etc.) so customers can quickly find what they are looking for

Wall Mural Benefits

Because custom wall murals are larger than most signage (often covering floor to ceiling), they have many advantages. These include:

  • Immediate impact
    Shoppers can see the mural (and read it) from a distance. Whether you are using the mural as part of your branding or to advertise a sale, a wall mural stands out from smaller mall store signage.
  • Custom sizes
    Wall murals can be made to fit the space. They can cover an entire wall or part of a wall and can be cut to fit around windows and entrances.
  • Variety of graphic media
    Wall murals can employ photographic backgrounds, graphic design, and lettering. Murals are usually large enough that a designer can combine all three without fear of cluttering the design.
  • Variety of uses
    Wall murals may be used for advertising, as part of store branding, or as a design feature.
  • Semi-permanent, durable and repositionable
    Wall murals, once affixed, are durable, but are also easily removed. They can be printed on a self-adhesive vinyl or a polyester substrate and will work on smooth or lightly textured wall surfaces.

Quick Tips for Wall Mural Design

  • Let the size of the wall mural guide design
    If the wall mural is large, you can get away with numerous design elements including a background photo and other graphics and lettering. A “less is more” approach works best. The sign and its main points must be read in seconds. If shoppers have to “think” to read your sign, they’ll ignore it and move on.
  • Be bold
    The size of wall murals allows you to be bold. Use large scale photos, graphics and lettering that will be seen from a distance.
  • Don’t forget white space
    “White space” is the space around and between visual elements. Good design uses plenty of white space. To give graphics or messaging emphasis, it must have space around it to set it off and let the eye rest.

Need a Wall Mural for Your Vancouver Mall Store?

If you have a shop in a Vancouver mall, custom wall murals will increase your brand awareness, get shoppers into your store, and increase sales! Contact Sandbox Signs + Graphics for a free consultation.