Wall Signs as Brand, Product & Service Advertising

Wall mural for H & M

Wall Signs as Brand, Product & Service Advertising

If you’ve considered using brand or product wall signs for your Vancouver retail or service business, few types of advertising signs are as immediately impactful. Quite simply, they get noticed! Wall signs have many uses, can be made in virtually any size, and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Who Uses Wall Signs?

Wall signs are most often used by:

Street front retailers
Retailers with stores on busy streets may not have a large area of exterior wall for signage, however, “wall signs” can be used on windows, too! Inside the store, wall signs are used much like they are in a mall setting. They can advertise brands, sales, and events, demarcate distinct sales areas, or be used as part of the interior design.

Office buildings
Office buildings make use of large-scale wall signs (often wall murals) in lobbies or other common areas. In the building’s offices, wall signs and murals may be used in waiting areas, or as part of the interior design throughout the office.

Malls use window and wall signs to promote mall-wide sales or the mall brand. Entrance signs are generally large scale (larger than life size) and face the exterior and interior of the mall.

Mall retailers
Mall retailers often combine exterior and interior wall signs and murals. On the store’s exterior walls, large murals are used to display brands or big sales events, while inside the store, smaller murals can demarcate areas of the store (men’s clothing, women’s clothing, pants, shirts, etc.).

Mall service businesses
Mall dental and medical offices and other service businesses use wall murals or large-format wall signs as part of their overall brand identity. In a mall setting, wall signs may serve many purposes: advertising signs, brand identity, and/or interior design.

Wall advertising signs are also used by:

  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Real estate sales centres
  • Events and trade shows
  • Museums, galleries, and other exhibit centres

What is a Wall Sign?

“Wall sign” is a broad term describing a range of wall-mounted signage, from wall and window graphics and business posters, to large-scale wall murals.

Wall signs may be:

  • Small or large scale
  • Framed
  • Mounted on foam core
  • Affixed to a wall with adhesive
  • Used indoors or outdoors

Although most often used as advertising signs to promote a brand, product, or service, wall signs are also used as part of interior décor.

Wall Sign Design Basics

With advertising signs, “less is more” as the adage goes. In wall sign design, too many competing elements (graphics, photos, text) reduces the visual impact. The viewer’s eye doesn’t know where to go or what’s important. This is often caused by business owners who want to say too much on their signage. A narrow focus and single emphasis are almost always more effective than the “everything and the kitchen sink” approach.

When thinking of which design elements to include in wall signs or wall murals, you can learn a lot by looking at billboards or bus shelters. Frequently, bus shelters and billboards use of large-scale, vibrant, evocative graphics, and use text sparingly – often confined to a single headline or tagline.

Need Wall Signs and Advertising Signs in Vancouver?

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