Property Managers

As a Vancouver property manager, you are relied upon to solve a variety of problems for your clients, including handling their property signs. Sandbox Signs + Graphics creates a wide variety of property signage, including: strata signs, condo signs and building signs. From directory boards and way-finding signage and everything in between, Sandbox can help.

Property Signs

Ordering all of your Vancouver clients’ property signs from Sandbox will ensure that key sign design elements like style, lettering and colours are consistent within a property. Consistency of style is important in creating an exceptional experience for property visitors, allowing the sign to communicate clearly and helping visitors and tenants find their way. Every property has a unique “look and feel” that we consider when creating property signage to maintain the brand and appeal of the property.

Strata & Condo Signs

Vancouver strata signs vary depending on whether the strata is a “townhouse style” complex or gated community, low-rise apartment or high-rise downtown condo. Each of these types of strata developments has unique sign needs. Sandbox has years of experience creating strata signage specific to each of these types of strata properties. From townhouse complex street-front name and address signs, to entrance signage, directories and floor signage for high-rise stratas, Sandbox will create custom-made strata and condo signs appropriate for your strata development.

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